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Danny Sutherland

Art Director

Art Direction


Motion Graphics


(really good at darts)

(not a bad pub quiz team member)

Benji Brown


Premiere Pro


Tone of voice




Hi, I'm Benjamin. Born and raised in the South West, now looking to make my mark in the advertising industry. Surfer, rugby player and mullet fanatic. 

I hope to put my personal stamp on projects through adding humour and trying to get a positive reaction to pieces of work, whilst trying to get the cleanest possible executions of projects possible.

Personal Email:

LinkedIN: Danny Sutherland

Hi I'm Danny, I'm from Edinburgh in bonnie old Leith. I'm very into my sports, although mainly just watching now as I have the knees and back of an 80 year old man. However when the dodgy knees decide to take a day off I enjoy playing football, shanking shots in golf and attempting to surf. I would consider myself (with no shame) a massive nerd and very open to try any creative outlets I can get my hands on. Huge movie fan who's guilty pleasure Is definitely not Rom-coms... I also - unsurprisingly - love a pint down the pub.


I have done several pieces of copywriting, including live briefs, freelance work and student work. I want to enhance my skills and bring humour back into the words we read. 

I pride myself in portraying a tone of voice through my copy. This stems from being empathetic with brands as well as understanding the consumer. I hold and honours in Marketing which specialised in consumer behaviour, this directly relates to the work we produce and is an important factor in our general direction.

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