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Client: Duolingo

Personal Project

Benji Brown - Copywriter 

Danny Sutherland - Art Director

Duolingo lessons only take a couple minutes of your day to complete. Seems easy right? So why aren't people logging on to do their daily lessons?

We set out to give users a real incentive to get back on Duolingo daily and keep their streak going.


Did you know that 75% of people find others more attractive when they speak another language?

We wanted to take this insight and show that Duolingo can be used daily as part of beauty routines to give the same effect as say...spraying yourself with cologne would give.


Introducing 'Diorlingo' A campaign that parodies traditional cologne ads to show that you don't need to spend money on expensive colognes to be attractive, instead you can use Duolingo as part of your daily routine for free.

Ad Shell Bus.png
Billboard Mock up.png
Ad shel 2 Mock.png

We wanted to target popular locations where cologne advertisement often lives

We created airport stalls around our competition with one major difference, no actual cologne will be sold, but instead the public will be able to scan a QR code that takes them directly to the Duolingo app.

We also wanted to place our ads in magazines with the addition of your usual 'free sample' you get in magazines for fragrances, only ours will be a free sample of Duolingo plus that the public can use.

Check out our parody obsession TV ad below

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