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Client: WWF

Personal Project

Benji Brown- Copywriter

Danny Sutherland - Art Director


Deforestation is a continuing issue that has yet to be fully addressed in the UK.

Our thought process is this, you won't care about a problem unless you are directly affected by it. So let's do that.

We show the public the effect deforestation has first hand, through personifying the dark side of WWF.

The Lumberjerk (in partnership with WWF): A series of experiential TV/social media advertisements and stunts that 'socially experiment' how people react when their homes, communities and gardens are destroyed or 'deforested' by the Lumberjerk. Aggravating the public into aiding WWF and raising awareness on the problem. 


We wanted to use a combination of traditional posters (left) and 'tagging' actual trees (right) as a way to raise awareness as well as tease and hint that something is coming.


Here is an example of how we wish to carry out our stunts, trying to cause as little damage as possible to sights whilst still doing enough to anger the public that their gardens, garden centres and parks aren't safe. 

Prompting our audience into seeing the damages, despite how little, and aiding the WWF.

Check out our social media skits below.

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